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Birthday Card Project 2000

In February 2000 Renata Tebaldi celebrated her 78th birthday. On the previous two years I had sent her a letter congratulating her for her birthday and telling her how much I appreciate her art. This time I wanted to let her know how many people feel the same way as I do. So I asked all the visitors my this site to send me their names so that I could send Renata a birthday card with a long list of names of the people who also wish to let her know of their affection. I started collecting the names in the summer of 1999 and by January 2000 I had received well over 100 names from all over the world and many beautiful messages acclaiming the art of Renata, some of which I included with the card for herself to read. A couple of weeks after her birthday I received a letter from her. I feel that this letter is Renata's way to thank everyone whose name appeared on the card. This is what she wrote:

Milano Feb. 15/2000

Dear Jakke

Thanks for your last letter containing some internet messages. Some of them are very beautiful and it is very rewarding to realize that most of these admirers are very young people just like you. God may bless you all, because you are pouring new lymph into my life that has reached old age.

A very special thank to you for being so devoted and affectioned to me.

Warmest regards,
Renata Tebaldi

I would also myself like to thank everyone who signed the card. I am sure that we were able to bring a lot of joy to Renata with this card.

With the letter she included two signed photos which I have scanned for everyone to see. Please click the photo to see it in a larger form.

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