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Tebaldi Interviews

I'm always looking for Tebaldi interviews, so if you have one on tape or on CD, in any language, please let me know! I hope you enjoy the two included below.

Interview in 1995, New York

In 1995 Renata Tebaldi visited New York in connection with the publication of her latest biography, by Casanova. This short radio interview in English with George Jellinek was broadcast around the same time. The interview is divided into three mp3 files, which are fairly heavily compressed to keep the file size down. (Shortly after Tebaldi's death a more complete version of this interview was broadcast. If you have that version, please let me know.)

Audio Clip 1 - Introduction, book signing, Toscanini & re-opening of La Scala, and favourite tenors (934 kb)

Audio Clip 2 - Rudolf Bing, American debut, interpretation, retirement (570 kb)

Audio Clip 3 - Favourite roles, Fanciulla del West at the Met (440 kb)

Interview with Renata Tebaldi on her 80th Birthday, 2002

This is an interview with Renata Tebaldi, conducted by Mr Giovanni Vitali and broadcast by RAI Radio 3 on the 1st of February 2002. The interview is divided to 12 parts, each part is in its own mp3 file. The sound quality is not excellent (new, improved version uploaded in May 2006), but you should be able to easily make out the words. My sincere thanks to Mr Vitali for allowing the interview to be reproduced here.

Click here for an English translation of the interview!

Audio Clip 1 - Tebaldi speaks about her childhood, especially her parents (307 kb)

Audio Clip 2 - She describes how the absence of her father and her illness affected her childhood (431 kb)

Audio Clip 3 - How Tebaldi and others "discovered" her voice, first music lessons (766 kb)

Audio Clip 4 - Operatic debut in 1944 in Rovigo (1380 kb)

Audio Clip 5 - "Renata Tebaldi e amore" (1190 kb)

Audio Clip 6 - Reopening of La Scala with Arturo Toscanini (736 kb)

Audio Clip 7 - Debut in San Carlo, Naples (22 seconds missing from this clip 00:37-00:59) (896 kb)

Audio Clip 8 - La Traviata at La Scala under Victor De Sabata, 1951 (817 kb)

Audio Clip 9 - Disappointment with La Scala and debut in Metropolitan, 1955 (1080 kb)

Audio Clip 10 - Retirement in 1976 (809 kb)

Audio Clip 11 - Looking back at the career (411 kb)

Audio Clip 12 - Tebaldi on the phone! (this is a phone call the people hosting the radio show made to Tebaldi) "Tanti auguri, Voce d'Angelo!" (557 kb)