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A letter from Renata Tebaldi

When I started to build this site I wrote Miss Tebaldi asking her to write a short preface to this site, a greeting to all the visitors of this site who have been touched by her art. She was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule and write this beautiful letter.

Milano September 30, 1998

My dear friends and admirers,

I am Renata Tebaldi and I was asked to write a few words as a preface to the site. I want first of all to thank you all for the love and affection you demonstrate to me either in person or by letter that copiously you keep sending me. I dedicated all my life to music. I started singing when I was a young girl but my family wanted me to study piano but my overwhelming need to express myself with my voice made me choose the art of singing.

I started my career at 22 and finished it at 54. 32 years of success, satisfaction and sacrificies. Singing was my life's scope to the point that I could never have a family. Now that I am old I look back and I'm grateful to you my dear friends who gave deep meaning to my life by being so close to me with your support, affection and admiration. I deeply thank all of you.

Renata Tebaldi




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