name = Ron Dargenio
where = Yardley Pa USA
comments = Happy Birthday, Renata. Yours is the most glorious soprano voice I have ever heard, and I wish you happiness always!

Ron Dargenio


name = Geoffrey Walton
where = North West England
comments = Happy Birthday Renata. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me by your singing. My favourite of all time is your singing of the Willow Song and Ave Maria on the Decca Disc with Del Monaco


name = Bob Huff
where = Galesburg,Illinois 61401
comments = Renata, BEST WISHES FOR A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Nobody can compare to you. You reign supreme. I will never forget your comeback recital at Carnegie Hall in the 70`s You were a very great Tosca. I still listen to your recordings. I blow you a kiss. Best wishes and happy birthday and a very Happy New Year for 2003. Love you, a fan Bob Huff in Galesburg, Illinois, USA.


name = Elaine (aka Innominate)
where = Los Angeles, CA
comments = Dear Mme Tebaldi, In addition to having the most glorious voice I ever heard, (I first heard you in 1950 in SF, and last in Los Angeles in 1973 in live performances) and I have every commercial performance you every sang, and many "live" performances. Now that the book is finished, I am Elaine again. Ask Gianni about me. With my warmest respect and regards to you and Miss Vagino. What a team!



name = Val Harrop
where = Houston, Texas
comments = Dear Renata, Two of my fondest operatic memories are of seeing you in Traviata and Boheme at the Met! The warmth and humanity that informs all of your performances are a joy to us all. You have left a great legacy. Thank you and happy birthday!

Val Harrop


name = Helen M. Johansen
where = USA
comments = Your voice is one of my greatest joys. I saw you in person and stood in line to meet you. I was so astounded by your beauty and presence I was unable to speak to you. Happy Birthday and Thank you for your great art and talent. Helen


name = Joaquin Pineiro-Blanca
where = Spain
comments = Dear Miss Tebaldi: I consider it an honor to be able to wish you a happy birthday.


name = Richard Flitz
where = Amelia Island, Florida 32034 USA
comments = My Dear Renata: I first met you with Van Cliburn at the Gala with Joan Sutherland and Elizabeth Schwartzkopf, we all went out to dinner that night to the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel. Since then you were kind enough to meet my parents and celebrate my engagement by coming to the edge of the datge and waving to my to be wife and me. I hope maybe some of this will help you to remember me. I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and all the love I can. You have given so many of us your love it is time we return it to you. I hate to tell you I am 60 years old and used to go to sleep when I was a teenager listening to your recordings. A personal thank you for all the joy, thrills and tears you have given me over the years. I understand you live in Milan, your record company when I told them of my stories with you said that when I come to Milan to try and look you up. It has been since your Farewell Concert at Carnegie Hall since I have seen you. I would love to just hold your had again and thank you for all the incredible times we have shared and thrilling time you have given me at The Met. God Bless you and grant you good health. I hope to be able to see you when I visit Milan.

Much Love, Dick Flitz


name = Michael Schramm
where = Kenmore, Washington, USA
comments = Many happy returns to our favorite soprano.


name = walter
where = argentina
comments = señorita tebaldi, desde que escucho opera, su voz y su
arte,la distinguen de las demas sopranos.nunca escuche una voz de tal
belleza en todo el grave es redondo, el centro exuberante y el
agudo enorme y firme.sus la, si bemol,si natural y do fortissimo, son
unicos en la historia de la opera italiana,bien apoyados en el fiato y con
el mismo cuerpo que el resto de la voz.Su voz es una verdadera
liricospinto, pero sus agudos son de un soprano dramatico muy parecidos a
Nilsson o Flagstad.Esto es solo un detalle de una voz que daria horas para
hablar de su exquisito legato,homogeneidad en el color,riqueza timbrica,
etc.Ademas usted tiene lo que yo llamo personalidad, porque en cada rol
que interpreta siempre es usted misma, y se nota en la sinceridad de su
canto.Toda su carrera me parece fantastica, seriedad en la eleccion del
repertorio, etc, y en mi opinion en los roles de Tosca, Leonora de
Vargas, Maddalena DiCoigny, Minnie,La Gioconda y M.Butterfly es incomparable
y no tiene rivales.Le mando un fuerte abrazo y un beso a
la soprano mas bella del siglo 20.


name = Scott Bullitt
where = Pennsylvania USA
comments = My first encounter with you 'live' was in Philadelphia on
the Met tour as La Gioconda. I was 15 years old. The people with you
were in a hurry to get you back to New York after the opera ended, so you
did not sign many autographs. I was so disappointed! But you gave me
a greater gift.

As I stood on a street corner, waiting for my mother to pick me up in
the car, your limousine came out of the side alley and stopped at the
traffic light. You were in the front passenger seat, and you looked over
to me. I waved to you, and you waved back. Then you blew me a kiss.
I was in Heaven!

Thank you so much for giving me (and many others) so many years of
operatic bliss. Happy Birthday!


name = Philip Condenzio
where = New York, USA
comments = Buon Anno e tanti auguri!!!!


name = Phil Rowin
where = Wisconsin , USA
comments = God's richest blessing for Renata Tebaldi on this her 81st Natal Day!Thank you, Mme. Tebaldi for all of the many blessings your beautiful voice has brought to my life.God grant you a healthy and happy year.


name = walter guitian
where = argentina
comments = Dear Renata, I`m Walter.Do you remember me ?.I phoned to you last february and I`have sent to you several letters.I saw you in some magazines this year and you are as beatiful and charming as ever.I told you many times that your voice is "unique", is the best, from the first to the last note.I readed in an interwieu that what you pleased more is that young people follows you without having seeing you on stage and through your recordings they realice the nice person you are.I`m 37 years old and I said to you this."Your person is beatiful, your humanity is beatiful".I love you.God bless you and happy birthday.


name = Dan Nicolescu
where = United States
comments = Dear Ms.Tebaldi,God bless you with many happy years ! Your magnificent voice was a true happiness for us, the young Romanian melomans, when we had the occasions to hear your records in our country occupied by the communists . Only the classical and opera music were free in the radio broadcastings.
Respectfully yours, Dan Nicolescu


name = hala hachem
where = lebanon
comments = we thank god for your angel voice , that takes us to his glory and that will for ever, fills our heart of joy;as a student in opera singing, your voice is teaching me a lot, and most of it, how to creat this spirit of love ; i wish you happy birthday my idol, and more eternel moments of love .


name = Robert Lee Cohen
where = New York
comments = Dear Renata,I saw you in "Adriana Lecouvreur" in Minneapolis in 1968. I was 15 years old. Your performance changed my life! Not only your beautiful voice, but your generous heart and spirit stay with me. Thank you.I wish you the best of health and many happy years to come -- Sincerely, Robert Lee Cohen, New York


name = jamshid hechmati
where = vienna austria
comments = egregia signora tebaldi! le auguro un buon compleanno! sono un grande ammiratore del suo arte. grazie a lei e a sua bellissima voce ed interpretazione sono ora diventato un fan della musica classica specialmente dell' opera lirica. con la piu profonda stima, jamshid hechmati


name = Craig Salstein
where = Miami
comments = You will never know how much you have effected us! Happy Birthday! Love,Craig


name = Jo-Ann Bradtmiller
where = Flemington, New Jersey, USA
comments = Dear Renata, This is a birthday wish from a heart filled with admiration. You have been an inspiration for me ever since I was a young music student in Chicago in the 1950's. I first saw you perform at the Lyric Opera in Chicago and was taken not only by your marvelous voice but also by your elegant presence and form. From that day on, you have been my inspiration and study. As a young student working my way through school, I spent what savings I had on your books and records, which I have and enjoy to this day.Your career has enriched the lives and memories of thousands like myself, and that has to give you a wonderful sense of joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Fondly, Jo-Ann Bradtmiller


name = Francois Nouvion
where = Portland, OR
comments = Dear Renata, Happy Birthday. Many thanks for all those wonderful complete opera recordings with you on Decca, when I started collecting: Aida, Otello, Boheme, Traviata, Butterfly etc .. Those were admirable performances and memories. Francois Nouvion


name = Peter Jenkins
where = Sydney, Australia
comments = Dear Mme Tebaldi, I would like to send you my very warmest birthday greetings from Australia. I know you only from recordings, but your warmth and generous spirit shine through. Thank you for all the pleasure you give to all of us! Peter Jenkins


name = Terry Myers
where = San Francisco Bay Area
comments = Dear Ms. Tebaldi,
As a teenager in the 1960's I fell in love with your voice from your recordings of Madama Butterfly and La Boheme with Carlo Bergonzi. Your ethereal entrance in Madama Butterfly was and still remains a lovely and haunting experience for me. I never tire of it. Just recently, while watching Baz Luhrman's brilliantly staged and acted version of La Boheme, I kept hearing your Mimi in my head rather than the Mimi being performed. You are a true immortal. Happy Birthday!

Maria who?


name = Joao Paulo Andre
where = Portugal
comments = Dear Renata,
You are a permanent reference for any opera lover. Your voice is pure gold and makes our lives nicer and easier. Offered to my friends a new creation of mine for the Reveillon dinner 2002/03: Pears Tebaldi. A success! I whish I could offer them to you too on your birthday!
Happy birthday and many returns.
Joao Paulo Andre


name = Robert Earle
where = St. George,Maine U.S.A.
comments = Dear Mme. Tebaldi;
What joy it gives me to wish you a Happy Birthday. I saw you sing in Boston on several occasions with the Met. on tour,(La Boheme) and also Boheme with the Boston Lyric Opera. I was present at your recital at Symphony Hall in Boston also. To this day, when I think of those performances, I am filled with great happiness! I play your recordings very often,and am thrilled when someone who has not heard you listens to the beauty of your singing. You continue to touch many lives. I am in the Medical Profession and have played your recordings for several people who suffer. Your singing brings them peace and relief from pain. May God provide you with his peace and love. I Thank Him that I was able to see and hear you.
With deep affection and admiration
Robert Earle


name = David Groettum
where = Minnesota USA
comments = Dear Mme. Tebaldi,
I'll never forget your entrance in Tosca in Houston with the Met in '57. I was completely overtaken by your astounding presence and that beautific smile. It was so wonderful that you toured with the Met bringing your sublime art to so many of us around the country. I was able to see your Tosca twice, Boheme, Adriana and of course Gioconda. We made a special tirp to see you in New York in Gioconda--the evening Kosygin's daughter attended. I wish you great happiness on this special day as we all reflect on your remarkable career. There will never be another Tebaldi. Thankfully your artistry will live on forever through the stupendous array of recordings and videos that are ours to enjoy and savor.
Much love--


name = Ross Bonanno
where = new york city
comments = Happy Birthday Renata--Your voice is one of my greatest joy


name = jacob n foran
where = east hampton n.y.


name = Alan Borthwick
where = Edinburgh, Scotland
comments = Many many happy returns, and best wishes for your future health and happiness. Your singing has given me hours and hours of pleasure and I have been a devoted follower from the moment I discovered the world of opera. There is simply no other voice that matches yours for warmth and humanity.


name = John Schweger
where = Dallas, Texas and Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
comments = Dearest and Revered Renata Tebaldi,
Your artistry and voice still haunt my soul. You are a beloved and esteemed person to so many, and an artist and singer extraordinaire to thousand of opera lovers the world over.
I was blessed to sing on the stage with you in Dallas, Texas (Tosca) and the memory of your beauty in person and voice will never leave me. Thank you for your giving to your public through a great career of magic performances and recordings.
God bless you on your Birthday.
Love from John Schweger


name = William Fiorelli
where = USA
comments = Dearest Renata,
It is with joy that I join with so many people around the world to wish you a wonderful birthday! Actually, your artistry is celebrated every day of the year by your fans who listen to your extraordinary recordings and enjoy your video performances. I hope that the many wishes you receive today bring you much happiness and love. Happy Birthday Renata!
with fond affection,
William Fiorelli
New Jersey USA


name = Stephanie Hutchinson
where = Australia
comments = Happy Birthday Renata Tebaldi!
At the University in Sydney, Australia, we will be celebrating your life and career at a Study Day on the 2nd February! You have brought me much joy listening to your recordings and learning more about your incredible career. You are still missed and much loved!
Stephanie Hutchinson


name = Gavin LY, Kok-wei
where = Hong Kong
comments = Dear Madame Tebaldi,
Thank you very much for leaving such wonderful recordings to the opera world. People like me are too young to be able to hear your majestic voice and amazing performance live. Through the recordings you have made, we can at least appreciate the highest standard of vocal art that is seldom reached nowadays.
Happy birthday and all the best in the coming years. Hope you enjoy ur life so much as we have enjoyed your singing!


name = Kenneth Scotland
where = Atascadero, California, USA
comments = Few ways of escaping the world's woes over the years have been as successful as listening to your singularly magnificent voice. What pleasure you have given to millions! Thank you so much. Felice Onomastico.


name = Armando Bona
where = Stati Uniti
comments = Ciao Signorina Renata! Auguroni di Buon Compleanno! E' giá molto che non la vedo piú ma Lei rimane sempre nei miei ricordi. Penso agli suoi anni a New York e alla Sua splendida voce. Quante memorie di serate al Metropolitan ascoltando alla Sua Adriana, Mimi, Leonora, Desdemona, Gioconda, Violetta, Floria Tosca ed altre. Non passa mai un giorno quando non ascolto qualche incisione in casa mia. La Sua voce mi porta su nei cieli dove trovo la place e l'armonia. Le envio tante belle cose e La abbraccio vivamente con molto amore!


name = Forrest Barton
where = Diamond Lake, Washington USA
comments = Dear Miss Tebaldi,
I wish to just add my note of contratulations on your birthday. I know your day is filled with phone calls, flowers and worldwide love. Perhaps you will find the time to read this little note.
I often refer to you as the GREAT ONE, not only because of your incredible voice and career, but the person you are INSIDE. You have always cared about your fans, and they in turn have never deserted you. That is as great a gift as any, and about the one I can send your way.
Your voice has changed my life in many ways. It was through you that I attended my first opera, bought my first opera recordings, and started a list......just for YOU! I hope it will, and know it will, in my life forever.
Your devoted fan,


name = Lee T. Nunley
where = Nashville, TN, USA
comments = Dearest Madame Tebaldi,
Please accept my sincerest best wishes for every happiness on your birthday.
Your artistic legacy remains an inspiration, and your beautiful voice provides joy and comfort to so many. You are a treasure.
With greatest affection and admiration,
Lee T. Nunley


name = Mark de Vitis
where = Sydney, Australia
comments = Dear Madam Tebaldi,
Wishing you the best of health on your birthday and the year ahead. May you continue to triumph, as you always have and will.
Mark de Vitis


name = Druth McClure
where = New York City
comments = Happy Birthday wishes from a long time devoted fan, from the glory days at the 'Old Met'


name = Dana Sanderson
where = Virginia, USA
comments = Dear Ms. Tebaldi,
I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Your magnificent voice opened my ears and heart to the world of opera, and for that I shall always be indebted to you. You will always be my favorite soprano. I wish you good health and happiness in the years to come.
Best wishes,
Dana Sanderson


name = Takis Pavlous
where = Greece
comments = Happy Birthday Mrs. Tebaldi! God bless you for all the wonderful moments you have given us. Your unique voice and stage presence heard and seen on discs and videotapes teach us, the younger generation of opera fans, how opera is supposed to sound and be experienced. Thank you!


name = Ellie Kett
where = Holon, Israel
comments = Dear Madam Tebaldi,
You have given me so much pleasure for so many years, from childhood through adolescence and now in adulthood. Today, feeling a bit gloomy over some of life's many demands, I turned on your Christmas Festival and life became beautiful.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me. And may you have many many more joyful birthdays in good health.
Ellie Kett


name = Jimmy Bertera e Dino Pouli
where = milano
comments = all'indimenticabile e sola VOCE gli auguri più vivi per il Suo compleanno.
Con tanto affetto
Jimmy Bertera e Dino Pouli


name = Juliana Reis
where = São Paulo, Brazil
comments = Dear Miss Tebaldi,
Happy Birthday! May God bless every single day of your life. I thank Him for your angelical voice, that has brought beauty and emotion to the lives of many...All my love and my warmest regards.


name = Susan Peters
where = Galveston, TX
comments = I hope you have had as much joy in your life as your singing has given me. Your recording of TOSCA and MADAMA BUTTERFLY are among my most cherished musical possessions. Happy Birthday! May you have many more, with good health and good friends.


name = Julian Rozental
where = Canada
comments = You brought back the love of music in my heart!


name = Cole Lassen
where = New York
comments = Dear Renata, The weather here has been very cold for almost 2 weeks, and one particularly cold day when I was walking in the street, I thought back to those days when we waited in the cold to buy tickets, or at the stage door, and the cold brought the most wonderful reward.
Today we must return to our memories and your recordings for that warmth.
We also turn to the internet to keep in touch and even make new friends, but the old friends from the Met still have our yearly get together, although unfortunately this year the phone in the restaurant was "fuori servizio" and we could not call you.
As always, my deep appreciation and love to you and Tina too.


name = Georges-Bernard Helbling
where = Zurich Switzerland
comments = Egregia Signora Tebaldi
sono innamorato della Sua Grande Voce avendo 16 anni solo. Ne dimentichero mai vostra voce unica di bellezza, calore umano, stilo rigido, pianissimi celestiali. Le auguro un felicitissimo compleanno e forse avro la possibilita una volta di dare a Lei la critica superba dell vostro concerto che voi avete dato a Zurigo lo 8. jugno 1958, che non esiste nel famoso "Libro" (raccolta critica dei vostri fans italiani) Tanti auguri e grazie per le innumerabile ore di gioia


name = Linda Jamshidian
where = Connecticut, U.S.A.
comments = Hello Miss Tebaldi,
I have just finished reading a biography of you by Casanova. It was wonderful reading about your life and career. I have a daughter who is studying voice at a conservatory in the U.S. She too has been blessed with a beautiful voice that brings tears to peoples eyes. I don't know if she has the confidence in classical musice that she would need to do opera, but I know that she certainly has the voice. She is only 18, so time will tell.I just gave her the book to read last night. I think she will learn much from it. I send you blessings for health, and peace of mind. You have brought great pleasure to the world and deserve the tributes that the world wants to bestowe on you. God bless,many more years of health and happiness, and a very happy birthday.


name = Rocco Melchiorre
where = Staten Island, New York
comments = CARA RENATA


name = Paul Dunphy
where = Bogota, NJ
comments = Cara Signora Tebaldi:
Tanti auguri per un compleanno pieno di gioia e di serenita`. Grazie per la bellezza della sua voce!


name = Louis Romain
where = Belgium
comments = Dear Renata,
Congatulations with your 81nd birthday and i hope that you will never leave us, as you are the living legend of the opera together with Carlo Bergonzi. Your voice and performances of Butterfly and La Boheme with Carlo will ever remain as a part of my daily life. I strongly wish that you will have the opportunity to share a few words in return to me and my father who is today 85 years old and who is one of the greatest admires of you.


name = Sister Clare Pelkey, CSJ
where = Schenectady, New York
comments = Dear Renata Tebaldi,
I pray many blessings upon you as you celebrate your birthday. I, too, am one of the many who have been inspired, uplifted and moved to tears by the beauty of your voice for many years now. Thank you for sharing your magnificent gift with the world.
Loving gratitude,
Clare Pelkey, CSJ


name = Andrew Knapp
where = Newtown, Connecticut
comments = Dear Mme. Tebaldi,
When I was 14, my father dragged me — again! — off to the Met. This time to see TURANDOT. Nilsson, Moffo, Corelli, Stowkowski! That night totally changed my life as it became consumed with this music. Dad immediately bought me (well, really himself) the newly released recording on RCA and I fell head-over-heels in love with a voice for the first time. And, for those 40-plus years, two things have remained constant: TURANDOT is my favorite opera and Tebaldi my favorite singer.
In those decades since, you have provided many highlights. Every performance filled with memorable moments: seeing you live for the first time making your entrance in ADRIANA and walking headlong into a 10-minute ovation; the return in BOHEME and hearing the full beauty of the voice live as well as the overwhelming power never truly brought out in recordings; what so many have said was the most exciting performance they ever witnessed: the special Sunday night benefit of TOSCA with you and Gobbi announced and Corelli “subbing!” Recently, there was a thread on the Standing Room website for Opera News on the “most exciting moment”; I submitted listening on the radio to the FANCIULLA and the audience reaction as you threw the cards down on the table and yelled, “Tre assi é un paio,” and the audience erupted in applause. It was the most spontaneous moment of an audience being totally involved that I ever witnessed.
The warmth and beauty of your voice has set the standard. Yet, I have always felt that it was your personal warmth and beauty that was the open-secret behind that voice. Every performance was filled with this generous personality. However, to me, what I will always remember best were the curtain calls which could go on for over an hour. The love affair between you and the audience has never been equaled. I just started painting a portrait of you — I wish I had it finished in time for your birthday, but whether you or anyone else ever sees it remains to be determined! In the painting it is imperative for me to try to capture this love affair with the public, so of course I have painted you receiving applause with the inimitable hand wave. Whether or not the finished product will be up to the standards for which I hope, much less anyone else’s, it is providing me many, many hours of fond memories especially as I listen to your voice while painting.
I had occasion to meet you a few times for one reason or another back in the ’60s. Two stand out. I was working with the Met Studio as a stage manager and we hosted a birthday party for John Gutman at which you were the guest of honor. My job was to greet people as they entered. I don’t know which was more thrilling: greeting you or helping you off with the most incredible sable coat. The other time was in front of your apartment while you were walking New and I was walking my dog. You were very amused to learn that my dog’s name was Liú. I would never have been comfortable calling a dog Renata, but as I associated you with the part of Liú, I managed to come full circle and combine my favorite opera and my favorite singer.
My sincerest best wishes to you on your birthday and my most sincere gratitude for all the pleasure and love you have given.


name = Stuart Naidich
where = Bellmore, New York
comments = Dear Mme. Tebaldi,
The very happiest of birthdays to the greatest of artists! The magnificence of your voice, the incredible warmth of your person, the kindness exhibited by you to all that love you, and your singular beauty are all attributes that inspire me to this very day. I have witnessed may great singers over the years, but not one that has "touched" me in the extraordinary manner that you have. You are unique in the love that you inspire! May you reap much joy on this happy day and may God bless you, our "Voice of An Angel".


name = Paolo Zambelli
where = Milano
comments = Milano,1° febbraio 2003
Gentilissima Signora Tebaldi
Le volevo porgere i miei più sentiti auguri di Buon Compleanno e anche ringraziarla per la dedica sul libro scritto in omaggio a lei edito dal Teatro alla Scala. Ho avuto il privilegio di trovarlo sotto l'albero lo scorso natale.
Sono un ragazzo di 27 anni che fin da piccolo ha sentito parlare di Lei, da mia madre che era una sua ammiratrice e da nonna Velia che, come me, ha avuto in regalo il libro con la dedica.
L'ho veduta per la prima volta in occasione di una cerimonia tenutasi diversi anni fà nella chiesa di SS.Pietro e Paolo in località Ronchetto delle Rane alle porte di Milano.
Pochi anni fà invece ha avuto l'onore di fare la sua conoscenza in occasione di un concerto dell'Orchestra Verdi al Conservatorio di Milano e di aver, insieme a dei cari amici della Sig.ra Tenconi, accompagnato Lei e la signora a casa dopo lo spettacolo. Ricordo che pochi giorni più tardi sarebbe partita per Parigi per l'investitura della Legion d'Onore.
Ringraziandola ancora per la dedica le porgo tantissimi Auguri di Buon Compleanno e di Felicità
Paolo Zambelli