Birthday messages for Renata Tebaldi, February 2004.

name = Joaquin Pineiro-Blanca
where = Spain
message = Signora Tebaldi, le auguro un buon compleanno pieno di gioia e di serenitá. Sono un grande ammiratore del suo arte. Grazie per le innumerabile ore di gioia. Con la piu profonda estima,
Joaquin Pineiro-Blanca (Spain)

name = Helen
where = Seattle
message = You have enhanced my life with your music. thank you. Happy Birthday.

name = Steven Ramsey
where = West Virginia, USA
message = May God bless you and give you health and happiness on this,
your 82nd birthday. Thank you for all the joy you've brought to me and the countless others
who've been fortunate to hear your beautiful voice.

name = Steven
where = Lavalette, WV
message = Dear Miss Tebaldi,
I first became familiar with you when I was working for a record
store... the album set "A Tebaldi Festival" had just come in... I had no idea
what your voice sounded like, but, looking at the cover of that album,
your inner beauty radiated and told me that I must buy it... I reasoned
that a lady with that much style and beauty couldn't possibly produce
anything but beautiful tones.
My instinct proved right... I was most happy with my purchase and have
continued to add your discs to my collection as funds permitted.
My most cherished albums are the four CD's released for your 80th
Birthday that you signed personally.
If you can but feel half the joy that I have in possessing them, you
will be a most happy person.
Gioia et pace.

name = Phil Rowin
where = Wisconsin, USA
message = Dear Madame Tebaldi"
God's richests blessings be upon you for your Natal Day and throughout
the coming year.
Thank you, dear lady, for all of the joy you have brought to my life.
I'll never forget how kind you were each time I met you in New York.
Have a glorious Birthday and be blessed with good health.
Phil Rowin

name = Ze'ev Dar
where = Israel
message = Many happy Returns. Thank you for lighting the world with
your divine voice.

name = Ina Mitchell
where = Woodland Hills, CA
message = Dear Miss Tebaldi - Wishing you a year of joy and delightful
surprises. I just listened to your Un Bel Di. You are the ultimate
With love and profound admiration,
Ina Mitchell

name = Chris Muller
where = Hartford, Connecticut
message = Dear Renata: We met the first time in New Haven, Connecticut
at your Woolsey Hall recital with Martin Katz at the piano in 1973.
I brought you a large bouquet of red roses which Tina was so kind to
give you before the performance.

I have loved your voice since the first time I heard you on the Met

We met again at your final Carnegie Hall concert in 1974. Your voice
is with me every day as I listen to your recordings in my car on the way
to and from work.

I am now 60 years old and still a church organist/choir director. I
thank you for the inspiration your voice has given me and will continue
to give me for the rest of my life.

God Bless You and the great gift you have given us all.

name = ralph w baker
where = oakland califonia
message = my very best always

name = Maria DeMeo
where = originally New York City
message = Happy Birthday to the greatest
soprano who walked the face of the earth. I live, operatically, in the
past since there is no one that can compare to Madama Tebaldi. When I attend a
performance at the Met, I tend to judge the new singers (I refuse to call
them artists) on how Tebaldi sang that phrase. She will
always be Prima Donna Assoluta.

name = Mateusz (Matteo)
where = Polska - Polonia - Poland
message = Carissima Renata!!!!
Ti ringrazio per tutta l'arte Tua! - per Tua voce, per Tuo canto, per
Tua vita per noi! sempre troverai il Tuo ammiratore in me. debbo dirti
che hai un amico in Polonia, qualcuno chi Ti ricorda e chi sempre pensa
a Te. spero che arrivero e ci incontreremo in Milano! forse UN BEL DI
VEDREMO - un di quando noi ci vedremo! per Tuo compleanno, dal mio core
pieno di fervidi pensieri, Ti auguro buona salute e tante belle cose!!!

name = Masako Shinoda
where = Osaka in Japan
message = To Miss Renata Tebaldi
Happy Birthday to You!!
It is my great pleasure to send my congratulations from faraway Japan.
I have been a fan of you ever since I first listened to your AIDA on LP
records when I was a junior high school girl in 1976.
Every time I listen to your arias (Tosca,Mimi,Manon,Adiana,Butterfly,Aida,etc whichever),
I am moved by your beautiful voice.
I used to enjoy your great singing only by sounds for a long time, but
at last I got the chance to appreciate your Tosca played on Oct.11,
1961 in Tokyo Japan on DVD.
Then I could really enjoy your performance of Tosca for the first time.
Your Tosca is wonderful!! Bravo!! Bravo!!
To tell you the truth I was born on Oct.3, 1961 in Japan, only 8days
before you played Tosca in Tokyo.
So I feel even more closer to you and almost everyday enjoy listening
to your many arias.
Thank you for all of your music.
I wish you good health and happiness.
Masako Shinoda

name = Carol Chambers
where = Florence, OR
message = Dear Madame Tebaldi,
Until I heard you at the Met in "Andrea Chenier", I never understood
why people would go to the front of the theater screaming and cheering
for one of the singers. But that memorable night I was right there,
applauding and cheering for your beautiful Maddalena. I will never forget
that night.
Thank you for the joy you brought to the world.
Carol Chambers

name = David
where = Florida
message = My very best wishes to you on your birthday. I was a chorus
member at The Metropolitan Opera when you were appearing there and I
treasure the good fortune that allowed me the privilege of sharing the stage
with your tremendous talent. I love you, my diva.

name = R. Bonanno
where = new york city
message = Happy Birthday to the great Renata Tebaldi

name = Richard Le Maire
where = USA
Signora Tebaldi, truly "tu scendi dalla stelle". I am on my third recording of Renata Tebaldi-Christmas Festival and am in search of a CD. A lot of tears mostly of loneliness for another time have been shed over this recording; good tears.
I have carried the memory of you fixing that lace cuff for me for all these years. I was too much in awe to say anything but "thank you". Today, however, I would be much braver.
Have a very happy birthday and many more.
Richard Le Maire

name = walter guitian
where = Argentine
message = Signorina Tebaldi:
Happiness, health and happy birthday !!!
You have the most beautiful "NATURAL" soprano voice ever existed and
the most "PERFECT" too.
People not only love you so much for your glorious voice and beauty,
people also love you because they feel the nice and good person Renata
Tebaldi is.
Walter Guitian
your fan from Buenos Aires, Argentine

name = Ygor Coelho
where = Fortaleza (Brazil)
message = I am deeply thrilled for writing a birthday greeting to you,
mrs. Renata Tebaldi. I hope you have a happy and glorious birthday,
just like your life has always been! Such remarkable woman and artist
deserves millions of greeting messages, because we all know you gave your
life to the art, to our enjoyment, and the only way we have to thank you
is to adore you as an opera goddess who's eternal and celebrate the
date the opera world saw for the first time a sweet woman that would
change the opera world.
My best regards,

name = Georges Helbling
where = Zurigo / Svizzera
message = Gentilissima Signora Tebaldi
Sono un grande ammiratore de vostro arte. Vostra voce senza iguale mi
rende felice ogni giorno.
Per vostro compleanno vi invio i migliori saluti e auguri e tutto il
migliore per Lei. E un onore poder ringraziarLe per tutto che Voi avete
dato per il mondo de la musica. Spero che avete ricevuto le mie rose en
maggio passato.
Vostro fan eterno
Giorgio Helbling di Zurigo /Svizzera

name = Aditya Pradana Setiadi
where = Indonesia
message = Happy Birthday, Madame Tebaldi!!! I've never heard such a
beautiful voice but you. I'll always wait for your concert or masterclass
in Indonesia.

name = Bernadette Smith
where = Baltimore, Maryland
message = Happy Birthday. God bless you always.
Bernadette Smith

name = derek swain
where = london, uk
message = I would like to wish you a very happy birthday and to take
this opportunity to thank you for all the pleasure you have given, not
only to me, to countless others in the opera house and which you continue
to give by means of your recordings.

name = Robert Earle
where = St. George, Maine
message = Dear Mme. Tebaldi;
Gods blessing on you for your birthday. Many many times during the
year, I listen to your matchless voice on recordings. My memories of
seeing and hearing you several times in Boston, are as clear and vivid as if
they were yesterday. I am so grateful that I was able to see and hear
your magnificent artistry. Please be well, and again Thank You! I
remember you daily in my prayers.
With honor and affection,
Robert Earle

name = Gavin LY
where = Hong Kong
message = Dear Miss Tebaldi,
Thank you very much again for your art and your recordings left for us,
who are too young to attend any of your live performances. These
recordings are surely to give us much more pleasure in the years to come.
May good health and happiness always be with you!
Gavin LY1

name = William Fiorelli
where = New Jersey, USA
message = Best wishes for a great day!
Today people around the world celebrate your beautiful and unique
artistry through CDs and Videos. How fortunate for us to have so many
documents of your fantastic career. We love you Renata.
William Fiorelli

name = Jo-Ann Bradtmiller
where = Flemington, New Jersey, USA
message = Happy Birthday Renata,
May this day and the years ahead be filled with the joy that your
beautiful voice has given to others. I have admired you since I was a young
music student in the 1950’s.
I was fortunate to see you perform at the Lyric Opera in Chicago and
was overwhelmed by your marvelous voice and elegant presence. Over the
years, your recordings have filled my days with inspiration and lifted
my spirits in difficult times. Thank you for the joy you have brought to
my life. Happy Birthday!
Jo-Ann Bradtmiller

name = Marie Lamb
where = Syracuse, NY, USA
message = I work for WCNY Classic FM, a
classical music radio station in Syracuse, New York. I would
like to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of everyone
at Classic FM, and to thank you for all of the pleasure I have had
through the years from hearing your wonderful recordings. Have a great
birthday, and our best wishes for many more happy years!

name = sandra zebro
where = New Jersey, USA
message = Happy Birthday Madam Tabaldi. Thank you so much for sharing
your beautiful voice with the whole world. You are my favorite opera

name = David Groettum
where = Minneapolis MN
message = Dear Madame Tebaldi,
My very best wishes for a blessed Birthday. It is wonderful to see your
new FONO records garnering such enthusiastic international acclaim.
Your sublime artistry continues to bring me such joy.
God be with you.

name = maite pozzer delpon sanzovo
message = heureux anniversaire! J'ai beaucoup entendu parler de vous par
ma tante Marie Sanzovo et écouté vos disques pendant toute mon enfance.
Je suis très heureuse de vous dire ma fierté d'être de votre famille et
vous félicite pour votre anniversaire.

name = Carlos
where = La Plata, Argentina
message = ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Renata! ¡Gracias por habernos regalado
tanta belleza, genia!

name = Jo-Ann Bradtmiller
where = Flemington, New Jersey, USA
message = Happy Birthday Renata,
May this day and the years ahead be filled with the joy that your
beautiful voice has given to others. I have admired you since I was a young
music student in the 1950’s.
I was fortunate to see you perform at the Lyric Opera in Chicago and
was overwhelmed by your marvelous voice and elegant presence. Over the
years, your recordings have filled my days with inspiration and lifted
my spirits in difficult times. Thank you for the joy you have brought to
my life. Happy Birthday!
Jo-Ann Bradtmiller

name = Trent Davis
where = Australia
message = Dear Renata,
Have a happy and most joyfull 82nd birthday. Best wishes from your #1
Trent Davis

name = Forrest W. Barton
where = Washington State, USA
message = Dear Miss Tebaldi,
I thank you, not only for your beautiful voice and your stellar career,
but for my love of the entire medium of opera!
If it were not for you, I would never have appreciated the world of
opera. I attended my first opera because of you, and also developed a deep
appreciation for the tenors and baritones you sang with. In looking at
the annals of other singers, they were often forced to sing with others
who were not up to standard. You, Miss Tebaldi, were always with the
The four years since the development of the TEBALDI LIST, I have made
the greatest friends in my life, all because of you!! It must surely be
satisfying to know that your recorded output and many opera videos, are
now captured for all eternity, on CD and DVD!! When all on this earth
are gone, you will still be there, singing and looking beautiful, for
the entire universe to see. I thank you and wish you happiness and good
health always, Your devoted fan,
Forrest W. Barton

name = Constantin Giakoumakis
where = netherlands
message = all the best to you and your beloved , I wish you many more
years among us .... keep on making us dream

name = Geraldine Follert
where = Germany Hamburg
message = Dear Mrs. Tebaldi, the first classical record I listened to
was one from the 60`s with you singing the famous aria from Desdemona
in Verdis Othello. Well, it make me cry and from that day on I loved
opera. Recently someone asked me bout you and so I discovered this website and
the possibility to send you a birthday greeting. Well, I hope that you
will have a perfect birthday party and that you have many reasons to
laugh and enjoy your life.
With admiration and love, Geraldine Follert
Happy bithday!!!

name = Stamatis (Takis)
where = Greece
message = Happy Birthday dearest Mrs. Renata Tebaldi!
Every day, month, year that passes by, my life changes but I realise
that one thing will never change: the joy I derive from the legacy you
have left us. Your art makes this world a better place for me. Thank you!

name = Cole Lassen
where = New York City
message = Dear Renata,
If only I could send you a present that would give you as much joy as
each of your performances gave all of us.
My thanks and love to you and Tina too, Cole

name = John DiMartino
where = Long Island, NY
message = My your Birthday be filled with joy and good health. My late
father,who was from casa lucia, loved your performances and would argue
with anyone who said different. Now his love of you has been given to
me. I listen to your beautiful arias everyday while driving to work. God
Bless You, Renata

name = Alan Borthwick
where = Scotland
message = Many happy returns from yet another person whose life has
been enriched by your wonderful singing.

name = Deirdre C. Melvin
where = Massachusetts U.S.A.
message = Happy Birthday Ms. Tebaldi thank you for all the wonderful
music. You are my favorite soprano and also my cats favorite. His name is
Giacomo and if he is hiding all one has to do to find him is play one
your recordings. He comes out and sits and listens to the whole thing. He
has no use for other sopranos. Happy Birthday and thank you.
Deirdre Melvin

name = Gay Foster
where = San Juan Capistrano, California
message = I shall never forget the first time I heard your voice. The
opera was "Ebben...(La Wally - Cataliani)" and I felt transformed.
I have never lost this.
Happy Birthday,
Gay Foster

name = Besa Boyer
where = New Orleans, La.
message = The 4th greatest privilege in my life was to shake your hand;
the 3rd greatest privilege in my life was to SEE you sing; the 2nd
greatest privilege in my life was to HEAR you sing; and the first greatest
privilege in my life is to wish you a peaceful and joyous 82nd birthday
and to thank you for the countless hours of blissful, uplifting joy
that your singing has given to me
throughout all of my life....
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

name = Claude Grenier
where = Montreal, Canada
message = I'm a singer(bass), and Renata Tebaldi, for me, is the greatest
singer and voice with Enrico Caruso and Mario del Monaco. My dream,
like I imagine many other peoples, would be to have some personalized
words of her. Great singers like her do not exist today and personally, I
try in my art to respect the great tradition of her art. It's very
difficult, because the opera and the singing become more and more a show and
business and there is no one left who respect the great culture of the
sound. The search of the great sound do not exist today. Thank you Miss
Tebaldi for having given to the world with so much generosity your great
voice, your great art, your great personality and your great
professionalism. I love you, you are my idol and my reference!!!(Sorry, my English
is not very good...)
Claude Grenier

name = Gregor Nagler
where = Augsburg/Germany
message = Dear Madame Tebaldi!
it is a pleasure for me to send you my best wishes to your birthday! I
never heard a voice so beautiful like yours. This splenderous, shining
tone gives my so much an I want to thank you for this luxurious present
to the world! I can`t find a prima-donna who have offered their fans so
much love like you.
Thank You! All my good good wishes!
Gregor Nagler

name = Nick Bender
where = Ft. Laud. Fl.
message = My Dear Madam Tebaldi:
There are no words that can describe my feelings for you, no gestures
that will give you comfort for your life's devotion to us. We know what
you have given up to be our DIVA, you remain so today and until I take
my last breath. I have had the supreme honor of seeing you perform at
the old Met, and at the new Met. You are Opera to me and my
Grandchildren, who have grown up on "The Voice". It truly is the voice. I want to
THANK YOU, for the years of unforgettable emotion, tears, happiness, and
pride that I have witnessed the performances of the MOST BEAUTIFUL
VOICE AND PERSON, in opera history. Madam Tebaldi, I WISH YOU A HAPPY
BIRTHAY. and all that is good from the those of us who LOVE you.
God Bless
Nick Bender

name = Eleanor Kett
where = Israel
message = Dear Madame Tebaldi,
You have been my favorite soprano for the past 40 years. Mom taught me
to love you. From the time I entered the house and heard you and Carlo
Bergonzi sing the love duet of Madama Butterfly, the recording of which
mom bought me for my Hannuka present (1966), you have had no rivals in
my home.
May you enjoy the happiest of birthdays and many more to come with
great joy and good health.
Ellie Kett